Teaching with our patterns

Being an excellent teacher is hard work and time consuming, but it is also a very rewarding experience. If you are teaching on a regular basis at your local quilting/fabric shop, consider making a long-range plan for the types of classes you want to teach. Also, think about the skills and experiences you want your students to develop. Organize your long-range class schedule to promote and emphasize continuous sequential learning. Be certain to plan for the technical needs and interests of all of your store’s customers―even your most advanced clientele. 


Consider planning your classes with six primary teaching goals in mind

  • Offer class projects that are visually exciting, beautiful, and/or fun to create.  
  • Present the project’s construction methods in a clear, sequential manner. 
  • Suggest and demonstrate alternative methods, if applicable. 
  • Show how to use tools that make construction methods easier or quicker, if applicable.
  • Allow time for students to experiment with each new technique presented in class.
  • Keep the class focused and moving forward at a comfortable, non-stressful pace.

Pattern Requests
Upon request and verification, we provide teachers with complimentary patterns when they want a pattern to teach an upcoming class that requires all students to purchase a pattern.  To receive a complimentary pattern, a verification from the store’s owner or manager that you are planning to use the requested pattern in a future class is need on store stationery. The tentative date of the class, teacher’s name, and pattern name should also be included. This letter can be mailed or faxed to us (see Contact Us).


Lesson Plans
To help you plan your classes, we have created complimentary lesson plans. Download the lesson plan you need at your convenience (see Lesson Plans).   If you wish a lesson plan that is not available online, contact us to request the lesson plan.   Write to Joen at jwolfrom@jwdpublishing.com.


Pattern Updates, Changes, Corrections, and Additions
We strive to make our pattern instructions correct, complete, and sequential. If an error has been made in a pattern, the correction will be found in our Pattern Update section. Also, we have included extra information for several of our patterns in this section. This additional information varies with the pattern. Our expanded information could be about color, value, fabric selection, additional templates, or updated construction techniques. Please check this section to see if the pattern you are interested in has any updated information.  


Technical Instructions
You will find a selection of technical instructions to use in your classes (see Technical Instructions).  These include instructions for bias cord, binding instructions, square-cornered borders, mitered-cornered borders, flying geese units, and half-square triangle units. We hope this information is helpful.