About JWD Publishing


Who we Are...
We are a small pattern company that loves the idea of blending the quilting traditions of yesteryear with the imaginative ideas of today. It is our hope that you and your quilting customers will fall in love with the quilts our designers have created for the quilting world.

Our primary goal is to translate our designers’ wonderful quilts into high-quality patterns. We pride ourselves in publishing patterns that provide excellent, sequential instructions, clear illustrations, and special color references. We believe our patterns are exceptional in quality and value.

Our patterns are created by quilters who have designed their own quilts for many years. Many are nationally-known, well-established, talented quilters who are highly respected in the quilting world. Each featured designer has his or her own pattern line. Each pattern line reflects the style, personality, and quilting love of its individual designer.

We Began...
In 2003, Joen Wolfrom published patterns of a selection of her early designs under the business name Joen Wolfrom Designs. She designed the quilts, wrote the instructions, drew the illustrations, created the pattern layouts, tech edited, copy edited, and proofread. Her older son Dane offered to help with the business side of her new company, so that she could concentrate on the creative part of the business. As a team, they soon learned the basics of publishing patterns.

A year later, Alex Anderson’s husband asked Joen if she would consider publishing Alex’s patterns. Other colleagues inquired about the possibility of Joen expanding her company to include additional pattern lines. After mulling over this idea for a year or so, Joen decided to take on the challenge of expanding her business. She invited Alex to be her first featured pattern designer. Hence, Alex Anderson Classics debuted in spring, 2005.

Once the company began expanding, it was necessary to make a name change. Hence, JWD Publishing became the new company name. Since then, JWD Publishing has added several new designers and pattern lines, so that they may provide a complete range of quilt patterns for today’s versatile quilters. New designers and pattern lines will be added, as the need arises.

Where We Work, Live, & Publish...
JWD Publishing is located on a small rural island in southern Puget Sound in the state of Washington. Our pattern designers work in their own studios in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, Utah, and Washington, as well as beautiful England.

Our technical writer, technical editor, and copy-editing team work from their offices in California, South Carolina, and Washington. Our patterns are printed from a large printing house in Seattle, Washington.

The geographical diversity of our designers gives our selection of patterns a wonderful richness, as well as a depth of choice in design, style, and technique.